Sometimes you need to take a few steps back to go forward…

I found a strange issue with my iOS devices regarding playing downloaded movies on Apple TV app. Once I downloaded a movie, every time I turned on the airplane mode and tried to play a movie I got the following message: “Connect to Wi-fi to Watch”.

I’ve tried everything, every type of reset, I logged out from iCloud, from Apple TV etc. I even called the Apple Support, but without any luck (it was not their fault, don’t get me wrong)…

After many, many failures of figuring it out… I’ve finally found the problem: device’s language settings. Who would have thought, right?

So, if you run into this issue and you can’t solve it, try to reset your device’s language.

I finally set up the /bookmarks/ page. It’s super simple, not yet linked anywhere but it’s here. Data is fetched on each reload from the open Github repository. Nothing fancy, simple JSON. It’ll grow over time. Enjoy!

I’ve been waiting for Alan Wake 2 so long. And now after 13 years, the dream nightmare came true. I’m somewhere in the middle of the game (over 20h on the record), but I can definitely tell that this is a great experience so far. Visuals are exceptional, even though I play on low / medium mix.

I don’t know how the story ends, but I guess Remedy cooked something special for us.

A screenshot from Alan Wake 2

For the first time my Apple devices are not able to update themselves to the latest iOS. They are too old. Yet, I don’t know if it’s a good or bad sign. This is something new for me, anyway.

I’m thinking about creating a new space for bookmarks on my website. Maybe mixed with some kind of blogroll or something like that.

But for now, I’m going to share a few good reads from last week: