For the first time my Apple devices are not able to update themselves to the latest iOS. They are too old. Yet, I don’t know if it’s a good or bad sign. This is something new for me, anyway.

I’m thinking about creating a new space for bookmarks on my website. Maybe mixed with some kind of blogroll or something like that.

But for now, I’m going to share a few good reads from last week:

RIP Kevin Mitnick 😭

It’s crazy that whenever a new “social media” platform arrives, people can’t resist to jump right into it. Like, literally in the same minute. Especially the people who complain the most about the condition of all available options right now.

- Oh, social media are so bad, we need to cancel our accounts RIGHT NOW!
- (5 minutes later) Oh, Threads is here! I’m XYZ on it, please follow me to get in touch!

Come on, people… start a blog.

Warning: another rant ahead.

I’m so tired of omnipresent animations and gradients on all “modern” websites. Take an example of Stripe, they have just released which lags as hell on my quite fast M1 Macbook Air. This machine has a lot of power but still struggles with the website.

I don’t get why there is a need for such things. I know that Stripe always has been a playground for these kinds of experiments but after all these years it seems to be boring and unnecessary. It doesn’t serve anything but a couple of tweets about how nice website they have… This is madness.

Alan Wake 2 finally got the release date — October 17, 2023. I’m so excited!

I’m also wondering why they have brought a new character to the story — especially when they revealed that Alex Casey will be in this game too.

So, imagine that: you are playing as Alex Casey (who is a version of Max Payne in the world of Alan Wake) and you are looking for Alan Wake. This is so meta on too many levels, that I don’t understand why they didn’t come with that… Maybe they are holding this concept for the third installment. I hope so.

EDIT: Oh, after watching Alan Wake: Return I have learned more about who Saga is and why we probably won’t play as Alex anytime soon, yikes.

After 8 years since the show started and almost 4 years after the last episode aired — Mr. Robot, Vol. 8 (OST) finally has been released ♥️

Mac Quayle — Mr. Robot, Vol. 8 (OST) cover