Good Afternoon!

My name is Radek. I'm a software designer and developer living in Opole, Poland.

For the past 11 years, I've been working with a wide range of tools, methodologies and frameworks. As a designer, I focus on a great user experience trying to create intuitive user interfaces. And as a developer, I try to deliver them in the best possible way.

I deeply believe that simplicity is the key to making great products.

My open source projects:

  • Hello Friend Go to Hugo Themes →

    Hello Friend

    This theme is pretty basic but covers all of the Hugo's essentials. All you have to do is start typing! The theme includes:

    • light/dark mode, depending on your preferences
    • great reading experience thanks to Inter font, made by Rasmus Andersson
    • nice code highlighting thanks to PrismJS
  • Terminal Go to Hugo Themes →


    My second theme for Hugo. This time I made something that looks more like an old computer console. The theme includes:

    • 5 duotone themes, depending on your preferences (orange, red, blue, green, pink)
    • Fira Code as default monospaced font. It’s gorgeous!

    -really nice, custom duotone syntax highlighting based on PrismJS -mobile friendly layout

  • Icon2Code Go to Figma Plugins →


    The plugin I made for Figma that will help you convert the vector icons to JSON output, which you can use with a dedicated component for React, Vue, Angular or Svelte.

  • Button Go to Framer Store →


    A small helper component that I made when Framer X was released. At that time it did not included any built-in component for buttons, so I thought it would be nice to make the one on my own and share it with other designers. The component is still available and ready to use as a Framer package in its store.

If you use any of my projects, please consider supporting me and my work.

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