March 4, 2024

Long time, no see! I have been in a read-only mode for the last couple of weeks, and a few things happened on the Internet I follow:

  • Apple nerfed PWA for EU (fuck you Tim Apple) and… they have reverted its previous state back — classic Apple move.
  • DHH complains about Apple (you again?) and learned that there are plenty of possibilities to have software and hardware outside of Apple’s control. Yes, I’m talking about PCs, Windows, Linux, Android, VS Code, Neovim (!!!), etc. I’m kind of on his side, but come on… All this stuff has been around forever. Don’t act like it’s all new — I know what are you trying to do.
  • Geohot has advanced in his tiny machines’ production. Even if I’m not there yet with all-things-AI, they look awesome, and you can feel this retro computing vibe.

Other than that:

  • I really like Carhart t-shirts. I bought one for a test, and it is even better than I thought it could be.
  • Garmin smartwatch can be a good replacement for Apple Watch.
  • Linux can be fun when it works.
  • Logitech MX-3 seems to be too heavy after 3 years of using it.
  • I gave AirPods Pro 2 a second chance, and they sound better than I remember. You only need to turn off noise canceling when you are listening to the music.
  • I think I won’t buy another iPhone. Pixel 8 with GrapheneOS seems to be a good alternative. A journey ahead…
  • Finally learned tmux’s most important shortcuts.
  • I found Counter-Strike 2 boring and soulless. Maybe it is time to quit for a good (I still remember playing my first CS with friends in 2002).