I think Halt and Catch Fire in my new favorite OST.
I’m right after the second season, and… 🤯

Halt and Catch Fire OST album cover

Steve Jobs once said the truth about managers:

We’re going to be a big company, we thought. So let’s hire “professional managers.” We went out and hired a bunch of professional management, and it didn’t work at all. They knew how to manage, but they didn’t know how to do anything.

Spotify Wrapped popped up today and to my surprise, NIN is my top artist of 2022. Yeah, I love this band.

I have also been listening to Eric Hilton (Thievery Corporation) a lot this year. He’s got wonderful (but short) solo albums. I highly recommend his work if you want a little bit of the evening chill out.

But what shocked me about this summary is the absence of Mac Quayle. He was my No. 1 artist in the past years. I guess Mr. Robot’s vibes faded away… Mhm… until Volume 9, friend!

Spotify Wrapped Summary

Today it’s 20th birthday of I’ve been using it daily since 2008, and I’ve already scrobbled 222,142 songs (according to the profile’s stats). Happy birthday!

I’m continuing to learn Go and must say I like it a lot. The language feels just right — very natural and logical. I wish I become more fluent in using it in a few more weeks.

I’m starting to learn Go!

Chronos — Mars (5-Years Anniversary) is an excelent album.

I discovered it weeks ago, but yesterday I re-listened it again… and again… and again.

Chronos — Mars (6-Years Anniversary)

Back in the day, I was a big fan of Jony Ive. But today I saw an interview with him on WSJ and… felt nothing.

To my surprise, a few years back when I would see something like this, I would go right away and read it from cover to cover, but this time I just took a look at the pictures and that was it.

I don’t care about this stuff anymore — especially when I’ve realized that Ive’s designs are not good in terms of usability or functionality.

They are just fancy, pricey and shiny objects. Nothing less nothing more. It’s funny how things changed for me.

Vim or not to Vim…

A few weeks ago I started to learn Vim, and I loved it. So much. But the problem is that when you want to mirror your old IDE’s setup in Vim environment then… the journey starts… Like choosing Linux over macOS. You are excited — a lot — but you know it will be a long road…

With great powers comes great responsibility.
— Someone’s uncle

I was afraid that hjkl would be difficult to master, but… it wasn’t. I got used to it quickly. Especially when I’m using HHKB keyboard. HHKB + Vim is a super-duo.

So all the problems I thought would be hard to deal with, were not that bad. Basic movement, motions, macros, commands… Easy peasy.

Re-configuring Vim to get most of the features I have in VSCode is the most time-consuming part. Things like: IntelliSense, plugins for git, syntax highlighters and so on. And that is the part I’ve postponed indefinitely… But I cut corners here by installing Neovim with NvChad which gives me an extended version of barebone Vim with file explorer as a sidebar buffer, tabs and fuzzy search.

I’m still divided between VSCode and Vim and the gap is getting smaller and smaller each day.

But… I’ve got this thought in the back of my head that keeps saying: keep it simple. And I can do that by using just VSCode.

Slowly moving on from Twitter and other attention-heavy platforms and switching to old school things like… forums and newsletters. I don’t know if it’s still possible in these days but we’ll see. Finding good sources is the hardest part right now…

This is always my favorite part of designing a t-shirt for myself.

Nine Inch Nails t-shirt