Warning: another rant ahead.

I’m so tired of omnipresent animations and gradients on all “modern” websites. Take an example of Stripe, they have just released which lags as hell on my quite fast M1 Macbook Air. This machine has a lot of power but still struggles with the website.

I don’t get why there is a need for such things. I know that Stripe always has been a playground for these kinds of experiments but after all these years it seems to be boring and unnecessary. It doesn’t serve anything but a couple of tweets about how nice website they have… This is madness.

Alan Wake 2 finally got the release date — October 17, 2023. I’m so excited!

I’m also wondering why they have brought a new character to the story — especially when they revealed that Alex Casey will be in this game too.

So, imagine that: you are playing as Alex Casey (who is a version of Max Payne in the world of Alan Wake) and you are looking for Alan Wake. This is so meta on too many levels, that I don’t understand why they didn’t come with that… Maybe they are holding this concept for the third installment. I hope so.

EDIT: Oh, after watching Alan Wake: Return I have learned more about who Saga is and why we probably won’t play as Alex anytime soon, yikes.

After 8 years since the show started and almost 4 years after the last episode aired — Mr. Robot, Vol. 8 (OST) finally has been released ♥️

Mac Quayle — Mr. Robot, Vol. 8 (OST) cover

I’ve started building my own Nvim config from scratch. While it’s quite hard to learn this massive setup, I think this will help me to keep myself sane and busy because it’s something new, something else… Something interesting!

Spotify recently released probably the worst re-design I’ve ever seen in the history of mobile music apps. Its home screen is terrible, it’s useless. A lot of live tiles that don’t make sense to me. I just need separated sections like before for Mixes, for recently played music, for inspiration etc. I don’t care about timelines with fancy animations that mean nothing…

I hope they eventually revert this change… OK, I know they won’t… But still…

I know it’s coming — sooner than I thought, but I can feel it…

Another “career” reset

And I’m not talking about changing a job (but yes, this will happen too eventually), I’m talking about going back to the junior level and learning totally different things: languages / environment.

Let’s say:

  • Go + switching to backend development
  • Ruby (RoR) + continuing full stack (not a big difference from what I’m doing now, but at least there is a new language to learn)

Why? Because I’m bored and I think I am wasting my time and passion for programming doing basically nothing interesting. Also, there is no one around me to push me toward something meaningful, something that would bring me joy… Or maybe it’s just my current job. I don’t know… yet.

The new Depeche Mode album is out and it’s very, very good!

Keep telling myself
That people are good
Whisper it under my breath
So I don’t forget
Keep fooling myself
That they do all they can
Sometimes they simply slip up
But it’s not what they meant

Go probably has one of the best documentations I’ve read so far. The level of detail and enormous FAQ sections with verbose yet simple explanations make the Modules document worth reading (even just for fun).